About us

The Hunters Association of Slovenia (HAS) is an independent hunting and nature conservation non-governmental organisation that works in the public interest and has represented a professional and uniform interest grouping of hunters for over 110 years. HAS members are hunting clubs and regional hunting club associations throughout Slovenia as well as other clubs and associations operating in the interest of hunting.

The umbrella hunting organisation places hunting into the general society, develops common hunting interests and makes sure that they are realised as well as provides integration and information to members, assistance and support to nature conservation and management of hunting grounds and wildlife, while performing its statutory tasks.

The internal organisation and operations of the Association provide its independence, democratic decision-making, successful attainment of goals, responsible execution of tasks, territorially proportional representation of its members and solidarity among members pursuant to the rules and general acts of the Association.

HAS is a member of FACE (Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU) and CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation).

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