Mission, vision and values

Mission and vision

The mission of the Hunters Association of Slovenia is to bring together Slovenian hunters in efforts to conserve nature, manage wildlife in a sustainable manner and preserve hunting values.

Upon the realisation of the set goals, the Slovenian hunting organisation must become:

  • an equal and respected partner in game management planning,
  • an organisation that adopts all of its decisions on the basis of professionally and scientifically supported grounds,
  • recognisable as a responsible nature conservation organisation,
  • increasingly recognised in the eyes of the public for its operations in the public interest,
  • transparent and efficient in its activities.


Our values are tradition, reliability, cooperation, knowledge, expertise and social responsibility.

We are an organisation with over a century-long tradition that has successfully kept track of changes and built great international respect.

We are a reliable partner to our members, those sharing the environment, many governmental and non-governmental organisations and to other interested parties.

Our organisation is stable and successful, as it is expressly based on collaboration.

Our members pursue their mission with a great deal of knowledge that is upgraded on an ongoing basis.

Decision-making is based on expert and scientific grounds.

Social responsibility
We advocate a responsible attitude towards the natural and social environment.

A great deal of attention is placed on social responsibility:

  • We conserve nature and the environment, while managing wildlife in a sustainable manner.
  • We strive for the conservation of a sustainable environment and the improvement of animal and plant species habitats and, consequently, for the preservation and improvement of a healthy living environment for people and the sustainability of all life.
  • We regularly attend various clean-up activities and often put forth initiatives for them, while looking after nature and the life in it as a nature conservation organisation.
  • Furthermore, we strive to instil the sense of responsibility towards nature into young people.
  • We pursue an important cultural and educational mission, manage the hunting cynology, participate in a great deal of scientific research and issue expert publications and the Lovec (Hunter) newsletter.
  • We bring together over 20,000 Slovenian hunters, offering continuous training, so that they can pursue their mission as professionals.
  • Within the scope of our competences, we perform our statutory tasks.

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